Terms and Conditions

By using CasinoShrewd's website, you agree to our terms and conditions. Our page outlines the rules and guidelines for accessing and using our content, including copyright and liability limitations. We also provide information on user responsibilities, prohibited activities, and termination of service. Before accessing our site, please review our terms and conditions carefully to ensure you understand and agree to comply with them.

Page: Terms and conditions

1. Introduction

This page contains the Terms of Service of CasinoShrewd.com (the "Website") and describes the rights and obligations all users have on the Website. By accessing the resources and services provided here, and remaining on the site, you agree and accept the rules to our terms and conditions.

More information is presented below and if you feel that you do not agree with any of the mentioned terms of service, we strongly advise to stop using the Website, along with its services and offered content. Before using the Website please review the Privacy Policy and terms of service below.

2. Use of Website

All content found on the Website, including reviews, guides, news, forums, contests, polls, and other forms of content, are provided at Our discretion. Everything is subject to updates, deletions, or other modifications without notice, at any time.

The Website is only available for users who are of 18 years of age, or older. Those who are not of legal age are forbidden to browse the provided content or use any of the available services. The materials found on the Website are designed for a mature audience and are heavily focused on gambling and related activities. All articles, photos, images, logos, graphs, statistics, pieces of media, and other intellectual property available are owned by the Website (the "Company"), unless otherwise specified.

3. The Content

The Website offers information about online casinos, casino games, and other aspects of the gambling industry. The content is available for free and are meant to educate and provide information to interested users. The Company does not own an online casino, in part or in full. There are also no real money bets that are accepted on the Website.

4. Intellectual Property Rights

The Company owns all software, information, written materials, media files, images, pictures, videos, graphics, artwork, forms, animations, music, audio, text, and any other form of intellectual property available on the Website.

The Websites content is protected by copyright law and so it is illegal to use or distribute pieces from the Website without approval from the Company. Removing or altering copyright notices or other proprietary notices is forbidden.

5. Your Undertakings and Representations

By being on the Site, you agree with the terms and affirm that you meet the following requirements:

  • You are at least 18 years of age.
  • You agree that the Website is only for non-commercial use.
  • You have checked and found that the use of the Website and its content are not in conflict with any regulations or laws in jurisdictions that apply to you personally.
  • You abide by the Terms of Service, which can be amended at any time without notification.
  • You do not use or plan on using the information found on the Site for illegal purposes or for unauthorized reasons that can violate local or international laws.
  • You are not impersonating any person, individual, or entity and you are using your real personal details.
  • You waive the rights to participate in a trial by jury or in a class-action suit against the owning Company of the Website or any of its affiliates.

In the case that you are representing a company, organization, or entity, the use of the Website warrants that you: i) are properly authorized to represent the respective organization and have the needed authority; ii) have read and agreed with the Terms of Service; iii) understand the Agreement made with the Company; iv) agree on behalf of the represented organization.

6. Third-party Content

The Website may include hyperlinks that lead to other products, websites, services, or forms of content operated by other entities. These hyperlinks are featured as additional references and for more information regarding the mentioned topics.

You agree that the Website and the Company are not to be held responsible for the content found on other websites to which the hyperlinks may direct users. Using a hyperlink does not indicate that the Company fully endorses the content provided by the Third Party.

7. Gaming Services

The Website content presents information intended for personal entertainment and for informational purposes. The Website may include references to Third Party Content that is related to online gambling and gaming services. The information regarding gaming services is only intended to be accessed by users who are located in jurisdictions where such services are legal and they, the user, are of legal age.

You understand that the online gambling laws vary based on jurisdiction and you agree that it is your responsibility to make sure that your activities comply with the laws and regulations that are applicable in your country and jurisdiction. Being able to read the Website content and access the gaming services provided does not mean that your activity through the Website is legal.

By using the Gaming Services, you agree with the following:

  • You are in a regulated jurisdiction where it is legal to access the gaming service.
  • You are of legal age (not under 18 years)
  • You have made sure that you are in accordance with local laws and directives when using the gaming services and the Website content
  • he use of information provided on the Website can result in losing money due to gambling activities for which the Company is not responsible.
  • You are solely responsible for verifying updates and modifications to the imposed laws and requirements.
  • You are completely aware that gaming and gambling comes with a risk of losing money.
  • You use the gaming services as you see fit and at your own risk.

The Website doesn’t provide legal advice regarding the legality of gambling, online or offline, and as such it is the responsibility of the users to learn and understand the gambling laws that apply to them. Although the Website has information regarding gambling and gaming, it does not encourage readers to take part in gambling, gaming, or betting activities. It is your personal decision and choice to gamble or not.

8. Limitation of Liability

You understand that by using the Website, the Company is not and will not be liable or responsible for any damages that may occur directly, indirectly, incidentally, consequentially, or in other special conditions. This includes the damages that may result from the loss of data, profits, goodwill, or other intangible elements.

You agree that the Company and its affiliates are not liable for the modification, suspension or discontinuance of the services or of the Website in full. The Website is not responsible for the content available on Third Party websites that are linked to from articles found on the Website.

9. Indemnity

By using the Website, you agree that you must indemnify and defend the Company, its directors, partners, employees, affiliates, and other related agents or entities. This includes covering reasonable attorney fees that may occur from any and all messages or other information transmitted, posted, or submitted to the Website as a violation to the terms and conditions.

10. Modifications of the Website

The Company reserves the right of modifying or removing pieces of content from the Site, temporarily or permanently without offering a notice to users. The services are also subject to change at any time.

11. Notification of Copyright Infringement

If you feel that any content on the Website infringes on copyright laws or violates intellectual property rights, you must notify the dedicated Copyright Agent in charge at the Company and provide this information:

  • Your full name and the company name represented, if applicable.
  • Contact information that must include a valid email address, a physical address and a phone number.
  • A clear identification of the material in question that is said to violate copyright laws and its position on the Site. It is best to include a URL of the page with the content that allegedly infringes on the rights of intellectual property.
  • A physical or an electronic signature from the person authorized to represent the owner of the content.

12. Entire Agreement

The ‘Agreement’ constitutes a binding legal agreement between you and the Website, as well as governing the relationship between you and the Company, and collectively refers to The Terms of Service and Privacy Policy .

The complete Agreement contains all of the Terms of Service, in addition to the Privacy Policy. It is an agreement made between the user and the Website to ensure a fair use of the content and services provided.

The Entire Agreement supersedes all previous agreements made between users and the Website. By accepting the agreement and continuing to use the Website, you accept that you do not rely on warranties or guarantees from the Company. If any term mentioned in the Terms of Service is found to be invalid by a court of law, the remaining provisions will remain fully in effect.